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Gregory Salmieri

Presented at: OCON 2004

Date: Jul 10, 2004

Plato authored the world's first philosophical system. He offered unified answers to questions ranging from metaphysics to politics, mathematics to sex. Studying his thought sheds light on the history and nature of philosophy. This course is an examination of Plato's system with an emphasis on its centerpiece: the theory of Forms. The theory of Forms is Plato's solution to the problem of concepts (or "universals"). The course covers how he developed this theory, and how it shaped his epistemology, ethics, and politics. In covering this material Mr. Salmieri clarifies the relationship between theories of concepts and the rest of philosophy. He offers a new perspective on the value of Ayn Rand's theory of concepts.

I would like to recommend Greg Salmieri's  superb new course Platonism, which is available from The Ayn Rand Bookstore. The  focus of the course is the philosophy of Plato, especially as found in such central dialogues as the Meno, the Phaedo and the Republic. Greg offers an  excellent presentation not only of the fundamental beliefs of Plato's  philosophy (and especially his metaphysics, epistemology and ethics), but also  of the 'arguments' Plato offers in defense of those beliefs. I found that even when Greg was going over very familiar (to me) ground–e.g., the discussion of  the Forms in the central books of the Repbulic–he had something interesting  and original to say."

– Robert Mayhew

"I enthusiastically second Robert Mayhew's recommendation of this course."

– Harry Binswanger


Parts: 3

Handout: none


  • e-Store, 2012 (En) - 355 mins
  • CD, 2004 (En) - 355 mins - 8 CD set with Q&A