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Robert Garmong

Presented at: OCON 2005

Date: Jul 02, 2005

Before Ayn Rand philosophers regarded their failure to discover a rational philosophy as an embarrassment. Then came postmodernism, a movement that revels in the irrational—claiming to be "playful" about the rejection of reason, logic and values.

Postmodernism originated in the arts, and its greatest influence has been in such fields as architecture and literature. In addition to the philosophic underpinnings of this brazenly irrational philosophy, we will look at postmodernism's destructive effects on esthetics, as well as politics, law—even foreign policy. We will see how this movement has become the vanguard of irrationality in today's world.


Parts: 5

Handout: none


  • CD, 2005 (En) - 306 mins - 5 CD set with Q&A