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Prospects for Capitalism Around the Globe

Richard M. Salsman

Presented at: Lyceum 1999

Date: Jul 09, 1999

The 1990s have seen a political retreat to the left all around the globe, whether it is a retreat to liberalism in the U.S., Britain and Canada, or to socialism in Germany, France, Italy and Southeast Asia, or to communism in Russia. Mr. Salsman explains how and why capitalism gained credibility in the 1980s and why the world since has moved leftward politically and economically. He concludes with a forecast of capitalism's prospects in the coming decades. 

Topics include the philosophic premises behind today's politics, the myth of "crony capitalism," the rise of nationalism and protectionism, the status of property rights, the spread of currency crises, the IMF menace, economic and investment trends in the U.S., and the U.S. as the moral-political-economic leader of the world - for good or ill. Based on Objectivism, these lectures demonstrate the power of fundamental ideas and their practical effects on economic and investment trends.


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