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Racism: Real, Imagined, and Inverted

Jason Hill

Presented at: TOS-CON 2021

Date: Jul 21, 2021

In recent decades, the use of the term “racism” has become increasingly convoluted and confusing. Whereas thinkers from William Wilberforce to Martin Luther King Jr. to Ayn Rand understood that racism means judging people by their skin color, race, or genetic lineage rather than their character, choices, and actions, modern-day “antiracists” have turned this idea on its head. Now, according to some, if you refuse to judge people on the basis of their race—for instance, if you refuse to judge white people as racist for being white—you’re a “racist.”

The misuse of this concept is extremely dangerous. It can lead to racist behaviors, racial attacks, racist laws, and, ultimately, to racial genocide.
In this talk, Dr. Hill will discuss the history and meaning of “racism,” key turning points in the misuse of the term, the recent inversion of its meaning by some, and what individualists can do to help correct the widespread misuse of the term and advance the principles of individualism.


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