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Radical Strategies for Achieving Financial Freedom

David Veksler

Presented at: TOS-CON 2018

Date: Aug 16, 2018

You can achieve a net worth in excess of $1 million on a middle-class income decades earlier than commonly believed. In this talk, David Veksler will present a proven, three-pronged strategy for achieving that aim. First, he will discuss ways that you can dramatically boost your earnings by aggressively investing in yourself. Next, he will survey ways to improve your spending habits and show how adjusting so-called “fixed” expenses makes a huge difference in your savings rate. Finally, he will discuss fundamentals of investing, common mistakes people make with their portfolios, viable “early retirement” strategies, and how to develop and automate a strategy tailored to your personal context and goals. If you think such financial freedom is out of reach for someone with a middle-class income, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

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