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Reaching “My Kind of Reader”: Introducing Ayn Rand’s Books to Young People

Keith Lockitch, Jeff Scialabba, Tal Tsfany

Presented at: ARI Roundtable

Date: Sep 25, 2021

In discussing efforts to promote her novels, Ayn Rand explained that she sought to reach “my kind of readers, wherever they are. My whole concern with sales was to reach the right minds.”

Since ARI’s founding, we have been working to introduce Rand’s books to new audiences, at scale. For example, our essay contests on Rand’s novels, which have been running annually since 1985, have encouraged more than 450,000 students to engage with Rand’s ideas. And since 2002, we’ve distributed over 4.7 million copies of her novels to schools across North America.

Join us for an inside look at ARI’s work to reach “my kind of readers.” These programs have seen major growth in the last year—drawing a flood of heartfelt thanks from students who have engaged with Rand’s novels. Learn about the innovations that enabled our recent successes, and our plans for the future. A Q&A will feature Jeff Scialabba (director of education programs), Keith Lockitch (vice president of education) and Tal Tsfany (CEO).

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