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Reflections on Fahrenheit 451

Kirk Barbera, Luc Travers

Presented at: Troubadour Talks

Date: Apr 06, 2021

Kirk and guest Luc Travers from​ discuss the dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury “Fahrenheit 451.” Together they give a synopsis (from memory) of the story. Then they leap into the flames of Bradbury’s tale. 

In this episode, you’ll enjoy discussions on:
  • The main characters: Guy Montag, Chief Beatty, Clarisse and Faber
  • Meaning of the story
  • Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold
  • Dover Beach and its meaning relative to the story
  • The prescience of the story
  • What is happiness, and how do we know if we are happy?
  • The importance of UNhappiness
And much more!


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