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Remembering Dr. John Ridpath

Michael S. Berliner, Harry Binswanger

Presented at: ARI Roundtable

Date: Apr 24, 2021

Join us to remember the late Dr. John Ridpath—an intellectual historian, inspiring lecturer, and longtime ARI Board Member. Dedicated to advancing Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Dr. Ridpath contributed to numerous ARI activities. Over the course of many years, for example, he served as final judge in our high school essay contests on Rand’s novels, and he was a prolific member of the Institute’s speakers bureau, a stirring advocate for reason, individualism and capitalism. 

At this event, we’ll hear about some of Dr. Ridpath’s contributions to the mission of the Institute from Dr. Harry Binswanger, Dr. Michael Berliner, who was ARI’s first executive director, and other guests to be announced.

Usually ARI Roundtables are exclusive to select donors, but this event will be open to the public, so that anyone touched by Dr. Ridpath’s life may have an opportunity to attend.  

After the remembrances the event will feature breakout rooms hosted by ARI staff, followed by a free-form hangout.

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