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Rights—Reason—Reality: Ayn Rand’s Answer to the Intellectual Crisis of Our Time.

John Ridpath

Presented at: Ayn Rand Comes to Harvard 1996

Venue: unspecified venue –– Cambridge MA

Date: Sep 19, 1996

The 20th Century is one of history’s most paradoxical: a century of astonishing scientific advance, technological innovation, and rising living standards––but also a century of world wars, murderous tyrants, and dramatic economic failures. It is also a century marked by philosophical collapse into pragmatic cynicism and crusading irrationality. In this talk, Dr. Ridpath examines, within this twentieth-century context, the significance of the work fo Ayn Rand.


Parts: 1

Handout: none


  • VHS, 1997 (En) - 145 mins - exact publication date and source unknown. Rumored to be video.
  • CD, 2007 (En) - 99 mins - 2 CD set