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Russian Smiles: The Leftist Response to Ayn Rand's HUAC Testimony

Robert Mayhew

Presented at: OOC 2001

Date: Oct 26, 2001

In 1947, Ayn Rand went to Washington to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee on communist infiltration in Hollywood. Dr. Mayhew is presently writing a book-tentatively entitled Ayn Rand and "Song of Russia"-which discusses in detail (1) the film that was the focus of her testimony, (2) the testimony itself, and (3) the responses to her testimony in the fifty years since she appeared before the HUAC. In this lecture, Dr. Mayhew will briefly describe his book, and then present the bulk of the chapter that deals with the Leftist response to Ayn Rand's testimony-from a 1947 "article" in the communist rag New Masses, to the recently published autobiography of Ring Lardner, Jr.


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