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Skills to Minimize the "Me Versus You" Barrier

Ellen Kenner

Presented at: Lyceum 1997

Date: Aug 09, 1997

Everyone enjoys a healthy exchange of ideas rather than a heated, venomous exchange of character smears. Whether you are communicating with your partner; family, friends, co-workers or new acquaintances, you will benefit from knowing explicit principles and skills to minimize hostile resistance and to encourage others to grasp the value of your ideas.

Some of the skills covered are:
  • maintaining a benevolent atmosphere encourages mutual significant thinking
  • learning the other person's context
  • inquiring into objections
  • asking gentle questions to encourage introspection
  • maintaining the moral high ground
  • giving your listeners the words
  • handling objections by creating solutions
  • tapping into your communication partner's better premises
  • offering your communication partner a value
  • dealing with unreasonable resistance by breaking unwritten codes
  • respecting privacy

This course will include exercises and demonstrations . Atlas Shrugged was used as a primary source for identifying these communication skills.



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