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Technology, America and the Spirit of Silicon Valley

Jason Crawford, Carter Laren, Danielle Morrill, Dakin Sloss

Presented at: OCON 2016

Date: Jul 01, 2016

The culture of Silicon Valley is the 21st-century embodiment of a spirit that’s been alive in America since its founding: ambitious, forward-looking, entrepreneurial, constantly seeking better ways to work, trade and live. This series of 20-minute talks by tech startup founders will address the personal meaning to each of them of the spirit of Silicon Valley and how it relates to their interest in Objectivism.

Understanding the Silicon Valley Worldview [Jason Crawford]
The leaders of Silicon Valley exhibit the virtues of independence and productiveness; they champion innovation and progress. But at the same time, many are in favor of environmentalism, regulation, and welfare. What to make of them? In this talk, Jason Crawford explains the Silicon Valley worldview—both its conflicts with Objectivism, and its sympathies—and how to appreciate these heroes for what they are: not real-life Galts or Reardens, but modern-day Edisons and Rockefellers.

Big Deal: What’s So Special About Silicon Valley, Anyway? [Carter Laren]
The culture in Silicon Valley s far from perfect. Nevertheless, there is something tangible about it that produces an unparalleled stream of innovation. Why? In this talk, serial entrepreneur and angel investor Carter Laren discusses his hypothesis regarding the one defining value that differentiates Silicon Valley from anywhere else in the world, and what you can do to build your own local microcosm of it.

The Power of Philosophy in Everyday Business [Danielle Morrill]
Must entrepreneurs and professionals compromise their values to achieve success in today’s business world? Setting and upholding a company’s mission, vision and values provides a unique opportunity to create a microcosm of the world as it ought to be. Silicon Valley startup co-founder and CEO Danielle Morrill explores the power of leadership from first principles and shares her own experience bringing Objectivism to life in the workplace.

The Valley of the Prime Mover [Dakin Sloss]
Imagine a world in which creators are celebrated for their accomplishment and looked to as moral exemplars. Fortunately, we do not have to imagine, because in a nutshell, this is the ethos of today’s Silicon Valley, the valley of the prime mover.This talk focuses on the parallels between Silicon Valley and Galt’s Gulch, emphasizing the features that empower Prime Movers to thrive and create world-changing businesses.


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