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The Ayn Rand Archives

Gloria Alvarez, Jeff Britting

Presented at: Exploring Objectivism with Gloria Álvarez

Date: May 30, 2020

The Ayn Rand Archives is a corporate repository of materials (maintained by the Ayn Rand Institute) that document Ayn Rand’s intellectual development and cultural impact. In this episode, Gloria Álvarez interviews curator, author and Ayn Rand Archives consultant Jeff Britting. They discuss a few Archives items that relate to Latin America, including papers documenting Rand’s brief visit to Mexico. Britting explains the purpose of the Ayn Rand Archives and provides examples of some of the materials that make up the collection. They talk about an LA Times newspaper clipping from 1950 discussing the banning of The Fountainhead movie by a Spanish censorship board, as well as Rand’s friendship with Spanish painter José Manuel Capuletti, her music record collection, and several other items—including Rand's desk, where she wrote all of her novels and most of her nonfiction works. 

history of objectivism

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