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The "Conflicts" of Men's Interests

Ayn Rand

Presented at: Ayn Rand On Campus - Columbia WKCR Interviews

Date: Jan 01, 1962

In this radio address, Ayn Rand reads out loud her 1962 essay entitled The "Conflicts" of Men's Interests and offers additional commentary. Rand starts by raising a "typical" question that she has received: "Suppose two men apply for the same job. Only one of them can be hired. Isn't this an instance of a conflict of interests, and isn't the benefit of one man achieved at the price of the sacrifice of the other?"

Rand steps back to examine in depth the four interrelated considerations that inform a rational person's view of self-interest. She then discusses her example, explaining how each of the considerations (reality, context, responsibility, and effort) bear on the issue whether two men competing for the same job have an actual conflict of interests.


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  • e-Store, 2012 (En) - 52 mins - contains two talks in this series
  • Soundcloud, 2014 (En) - 24 mins