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The "Diversity" Delusion

Peter Schwartz

Presented at: OCON 2006

Date: Jun 30, 2006

Across a limitless range of human attributes—from race to literacy, from gender to intelligence, from age to physical handicap—it is now an uncontroversial tenet that the attainment of "diversity" is a value.

What does this doctrine mean, and how has it gained such cultural acceptance? This lecture examines the "diversity" movement and shows how it is the culmination of egalitarianism. That is, even though the egalitarian rejects differentiations while the proponent of "diversity" wallows in them, the two ideologies are essentially the same. "Diversity," Mr. Schwartz argues, is the expression of an anti-conceptual mentality whose hostility is directed primarily toward not political, but cognitive discrimination. He explains how "diversity" rests on, and spawns, a slew of egalitarian-based package-deals, which are utilized to smear anyone who makes rational discriminations—i.e., who upholds epistemological and moral standards.


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