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The Economy De-Mystified

Richard M. Salsman

Presented at: Challenging the Future Houston 1995

Date: Feb 10, 1995

This course offers students a way to interpret economic events correctly, free of contradiction, the jargon of economists, and the distortions of the media. Most people, including many Objectivists, interpret economic events according to false theories taught in introductory economics courses. Among other problems, these courses define economics in terms of non-essentials, ignore the role of the mind in wealth creation, and insist "market failures" require intervention . In contrast, this course offers a concise introduction to pro-capitalist economics. In addition to presenting basic economic principles, a workshop-style format will be used to help students examine concrete examples and newspaper reports to distinguish truth from falsehood. Topics will include the business cycle, inflation, unemployment, taxes and budget deficits, and foreign trade.


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