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The History and Future of Glass Construction

Dan Youngren

Presented at: ATLOSCon 2016

Date: May 26, 2016

In Imperial Rome, if you happened to be fortunate enough to own a bathhouse, you may be one of the few citizens to have any windows, with the glass panes struggling to equal the size of a sheet of paper. Fast forward 2000 years to the 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York City. It is a luminous paragon of 30-ft glass walls and glass ceilings structurally supported by... glass. What are the scientific breakthroughs and worldview that made these modern feats possible? In this class, we will travel through the history of glass, how it was made, how it was used architecturally, and the stunning innovations in technology throughout the medieval and modern ages that have allowed our buildings to blur the line between indoor and outdoor space. We’ll delve into the philosophies of scientists and architects that provided the quality and warmth of light to our spaces that inspire us daily. We'll also investigate exciting current and future uses for glass in architecture, and what you can do with the glazing in your own home to take advantage of current technologies.


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