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The History of America: Prelude to the Revolution (1607-1763)

Eric Daniels

Presented at: SRB 2002 Palo Alto

Date: Aug 10, 2002

From the early settlements at Jamestown to the contentious French and Indian War, the American colonists struggled to achieve independence and happiness in the New World. What elements of colonial life contributed most to the distinctively American way of life? How important was religion in the early days? Why did the colonists prosper economically in some places and not in others? In this course, Dr. Daniels will explain American history prior to the Revolution. The focus of the material will be on the major ideas and events that shaped America in the colonial period. Topics covered will include Bacon's Rebellion, the Great Awakening, the Salem Witch Trials, the Enlightenment, the French and Indian War, and more. This course is part one of a four-part series on the major events of American history to be delivered by Dr. Daniels.



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