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The History of England (part 3): 1337-1453, The Hundred Years' War

Andrew Lewis

Presented at: OCON 2007

Date: Jul 06, 2007

By 1300 Europe had nearly dragged itself free of the Dark Ages. Aquinas had liberated the mind from the dogma of the Church, but man was still trapped by the existential restraints of feudalism. England had institutionalized a representative parliament, representing some progress, but centuries of feudal custom would have to be wiped out if Europe was to be completely liberated. The primary agent of this destruction was the Hundred Years' War.

This course focuses on England's political history from 1337 to 1453. It examines the cause, events and consequences of the lengthy and destructive Hundred Years' War, and provides a foundation for a future investigation of the Renaissance.

Part 1 was delivered at OCON 2005. Part 2 was delivered at OCON 2006, Part 4 was delivered at OCON 2012, and Part 5 was delivered at OCON 2013


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