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The Human Flourishing Project

Alex Epstein

Presented at: TOS-CON 2018

Date: Aug 16, 2018

Knowledge is power—but how do we access knowledge that actually empowers us? Even in today’s advanced society, nearly everyone lacks reliable access to life-enhancing knowledge in important realms—from politics to nutrition to psychology to energy. Even among those who are highly educated and embrace rational, evidence-based philosophy, debates rage about what is true, what is good, and how to establish and implement corresponding principles and policies. The root cause of this problem, Alex Epstein will argue, is the lack of a reliable knowledge system—a system for acquiring, organizing, and applying life-enhancing knowledge from every area human concern. The mission of Epstein’s new endeavor, The Human Flourishing Project, is to develop such a system and to work with experts to apply it in their respective spheres. In this talk, Epstein will unveil the essentials of the system. “If I am successful,” he says, “you will leave with an immediately enhanced ability to acquire, organize, and apply the knowledge you need to flourish.”

epistemologyintellectual activism

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