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The New Abolitionism: On Separating School and State

C. Bradley Thompson

Presented at: OCON 2012

Date: Jun 30, 2012

What role should government play in educating American children? Are government schools compatible with a free society? Do children have a “right” to an education? What would a free market in education look like?

In addressing these questions, Dr. Thompson’s lecture: 
  1. examines the destructive role played by “public” education in America; 
  2. critiques the assumptions behind government schooling; 
  3. explains the philosophical and political meaning of the principle of separation of school and state; 
  4. demonstrates why conservative and libertarian arguments for vouchers must be opposed; 
  5. calls for the abolition of all government schools; and (
  6. outlines a plan for moving from a system of government schooling to one of exclusively private education.

Dr. Thompson concludes his lecture by presenting a principled argument for a free market in education that begins with the rights and responsibilities of parents to provide for the education of their own children.


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