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The Objectivist Graduate Center: A Student's Report

Robert Garmong

Presented at: TOC 1994

Date: Oct 21, 1994

As an intellectual movement, Objectivism depends on professional intellectuals. However, the non-objectivity of the academic world has traditionally hindered their learning Objectivism. The solution to this problem is the Objectivist Graduate Center: a fulltime, advanced training program in Objectivist philosophy. The purpose of the O.G.C. is to provide the knowledge and skills required by a professional intellectual. This marks the first time since Aristotle's Lyceum, 2000 years ago, that a group of people have made a full-time career out of studying nothing but good ideas. As such, it marks a major turning point in the history of Objectivism. 

This workshop used the first draft of a paper written for Peter Schwartz's writing class as an example of work done at the O.G.C. There will be a discussion of this draft and the process by which it was turned into a final paper. Participants received a copy of the final paper. 

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