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The Philosophy of Motivation

Darryl Wright

Date: Jan 01, 2005

Is achieving a value equivalent to avoid a disvalue? Is pursuing life the same as avoid death?

This course, given by Dr. Wright, explores Ayn Rand's important distinction between "motivation by love" and "motivation by fear."  The first part addresses question of "philosophical psychology," having to do with motivation, The second part deals with meta-ethical question regarding the nature of values and value-pursuit.

Lectures incude:

1-3: The conscious and subconsicous factors in motivation How non-conceptualization leads to motivation by fear. Motivation by fear and neurosis.

4-5: The primacy of values over dis-values. Motivatio by love as motiatio by life. The illusory aternative of "mere physical survival" vs. "survival as a human being." Is creative work or esthetic pleasure merely a means ot physical well-being? Morality as both a means and an end. How The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged illuminate the nature of the  alternative of life or deah. 

6: How intrincism and subjectivism replace value-pursuit with motivation by fear. Why pragmatic compromisers are praised as men of principle, and principled individuals disparaged as immoral. How collapsing the distinction between motivation by love and motivation by fear makes psychological egoism seem plausible.


Parts: 6

Handout: none


  • Tape, 2005 (En) - 455 mins - 6 tape set