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The Pride of Cyrano

Kirk Barbera, Eric Robert Morse

Presented at: Troubadour Talks

Date: Mar 23, 2021

Eric and Kirk go over a synopsis of this play, first staged in 1897 to immense adulation. Then they discuss the meaning of the love triangle, the larger-than-life character of Cyrano and the meaning of the play.

  • Since 1897 there has been a variety of different projections of Cyrano’s looks. This is an important feature of the play. How ugly should Cyrano be? 
  • What is it that Roxanne falls in love with?
  • Can a beautiful man also be bright and clever and witty?
  • What role does Cyrano’s nose play?
  • They analyze some specific passages in the play.
  • They take a look at the spiritual/body dichotomy in the play.
  • The role of “success” in Cyrano.

In the second half of the conversation, Eric, who is a Catholic, and Kirk have a debate about Pride and the meaning of Cyrano’s Pride.


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