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The Science of Selfishness

Craig Biddle

Presented at: OCON 2007

Date: Jul 06, 2007

Being selfish—striving to achieve the greatest happiness possible—is the essence of being moral. In one sense, doing so is simple: It is just a matter of thinking and acting accordingly. In another sense, however, being selfish is extremely demanding: it requires the harmonious use of all of one's resources toward a highly complex goal for the span of one's life. Thanks to Ayn Rand, we have at our disposal the Objectivist ethics: an integrated system of principles designed for the purpose of achieving this all-encompassing, lifelong goal. This course examines, concretizes and clarifies the principles of this science, showing their connection to perceptual reality, emphasizing their life-serving purpose, demonstrating their interrelationships, discussing their proper applications and offering techniques for better incorporating them into one's daily life. Attendees of all levels of knowledge will expand their understanding of how to achieve a lifetime of happiness.


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  • Print, 2014 (En) - The Objective Standard: Spring 2014, Vol. 9, No. 1 (The relationship between the text and talk is not known)
  • CD, 2007 (En) - 266 mins - 6 CD set with Q&A