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The Trader Mindset: Supercharging Your Influence and Impact

Kendall Justiniano

Presented at: STRIVECon 2015

Date: Nov 08, 2015

Great projects are almost always the result of cooperative efforts. Whether it’s developing a next generation product, building a new skyscraper or launching a tech start-up, big efforts are necessarily cooperative. This means that in order to realize great ideas, value creators must develop the skills to influence people, mobilize resources and cooperate with others.

This interactive talk will focus on professional relationships and cooperation as the heart of the concept of trade. Through the use of tools, tips, and examples from my 25 years in industry, I’ll provide a framework for developing robust work relationships and debugging troubled relationships. In addition we’ll look at more complex projects, and the role of cooperation in entrepreneurship and new business development.


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