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The Value Creator Mindset

Halelly Azulay

Presented at: STRIVECon 2015

Date: Nov 07, 2015

Great achievements are not easy. Most value creators are prepared to put in lots of hard work, effort, and energy toward their important goals. But many of us are caught off-guard when we experience fear, discomfort, or major set-backs. Learning to evaluate the risk and creating the resilience and grit necessary to push ahead will generate momentum and satisfaction with the progress of the journey, not just the rewards of the final outcomes.

In this engaging and interactive session, participants will learn about thinking hacks that can help them achieve their biggest goals. Through tips, techniques, and hacks from social- and neuroscience studies interspersed by my own life examples, I will show the participants how to overcome fear and push through the discomfort that often accompany really big breakthroughs. I’ll also share personal lessons I learned from failures and why failures are not only inevitable, they are also not something to avoid at all costs. Participants will walk away with greater awareness of ways to think about goals and progress, specific techniques they can apply right away to move them past fear in pursuit of their important goals, and inspiration and motivation to go after what they really want to achieve with vigor and passion.


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