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The Value of Ayn Rand's Philosophy of Art

Mary Ann Sures

Presented at: OCON 2006

Date: Jun 30, 2006

Most people have mistaken assumptions about art, such as: art really can't be defined or explained; or, art is a matter of subjective "taste"; or, appreciating and responding to art comes from innate talent; or a combination of the above. Consequently, their experience of art is marred by uncertainty and confusion. What difference would it make in their lives if they accepted and applied Ayn Rand's philosophy of art?

Mrs. Sures will begin with a review of the essence of the Objectivist philosophy of art (the definition of art, and the relation of art to man's conceptual faculty). Then, using examples from painting and sculpture, she will demonstrate what Objectivist esthetics makes possible in the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of art, and in the understanding of one's deepest philosophical convictions.

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