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Turning Philosophy into Technology

Tal Tsfany

Presented at: TOS-CON 2019

Date: Aug 07, 2019

Why are many tech entrepreneurs rational and knowledgeable in regard to their businesses and what it takes to build a great company and massive wealth—yet simultaneously irrational and/or ignorant regarding the political freedom and philosophic foundations on which such productiveness depends? And what happens when such entrepreneurs discover rational philosophic principles and inject them into their companies?

In this talk, Tal Tsfany will discuss what he calls the “ought-is” gap (not a typo)—that is, the gap between entrepreneurs’ knowledge of what they ought to do for success in business, and the moral and philosophic facts that underlie and support those “oughts.” He will also relay what he has observed in the tech world when entrepreneurs have discovered the principles of Objectivism, bridged the “ought-is” gap, and put rational philosophic ideas to work in their businesses.

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