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Understanding and Interpreting History

Brian Johnson

Presented at: TOC 1994

Date: Oct 21, 1994

Growing like the Black Plague, the Politically Correct movement has spread across American universities and colleges. Just as black rats incubated the devastating plague of the medieval era, so modem intellectuals incubated the ravaging scourge of educated institutions. Political Correctness is armed, not only with irrational philosophy and false accounts of the world' s events, but with a corrupt methodology for judging the world. It uses these weapons to circumvent the intellect's immune system. As a result, whole intellectual fields have become infected, leaving vast wastelands of dead minds in its wake. One such field convulsing under the power of this epidemic is the field of history. 

This paper presents two critical mistakes that can lead one to mis-judge history: context-dropping and hasty conclusions, and several ways these broad mistakes are played out.

philosophy of history

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