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Vaccination: An Essentialized History of an Essential Technology and The Organic Myth

Amesh Adalja, Amanda Maxham

Presented at: OCON 2016

Date: Jul 01, 2016

This session consists of two talks, each 45 minutes long. First, Amesh Adalja will discuss the history of vaccination with special attention to the heroic figures that developed this technology. Particular consideration will be given the chain of reasoning leading to the first vaccine, as well as how the germ theory of disease led to a plethora of vaccines that allowed humans to experience a rapid improvement in lifespan and quality of life. 

Then, Amanda Maxham will discuss the myth of organic superiority, how concern about the safety, value and production of food is prompting a growing number of shoppers to fill their grocery store carts with food labeled “organic.” But despite a reputation as the “Cadillac of foods,” organic foods aren’t actually healthier, safer or better than their conventional counterparts. The growing popularity of organic is rooted in consumers’ belief that when it comes to food, “natural is better.” But is this really the ideal?


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  • YouTube, 2017 (En) - 45 mins - First half, with Amesh Adalja
  • e-Store, 2017 (En) - 45 mins - First half, with Amesh Adlja