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What It Takes to Win: A Workshop on Defending Capitalism

Yaron Brook, Don Watkins

Presented at: OCON 2011

Date: Jul 02, 2011

In this workshop, Yaron Brook and Don Watkins lead a discussion concerning how to persuasively argue for capitalism.

Drawing on material from their book-in-progress, as well as substantial audience participation, Dr. Brook and Mr. Watkins examine such questions as: Why don’t people accept capitalism? How do ideas such as altruism and collectivism influence the political policies people support? How can these ideas be effectively argued against? What are common ways Objectivists go wrong in trying to convince people of their ideas? What books, besides Ayn Rand’s, are essential reading for someone interested in fighting for capitalism?

This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to improve their ability to defend capitalism.

intellectual activism

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