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What Marc Andreessen Gets Right and What He Misses in His Article “It’s Time to Build”

Jason Crawford, Elan Journo, Tal Tsfany

Presented at: New Ideal Live

Date: Apr 20, 2020

Entrepreneur and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen recently published an article, “It’s Time to Build,” in which he argues that every Western institution was unprepared for the coronavirus pandemic, despite many prior warnings—and that what America vitally needs today is a bipartisan re-commitment to “building”—whether new products, new industries, new factories, new investment in science, or other “big leaps forward.”

Read the article here, and join Tal Tsfany, Elan Journo and special guest Jason Crawford as they discuss what’s valuable but also what’s critically missing in Andreessen’s perspective.

An introductory article is also available.


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