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What's Next for Climate Alarmists?

Razi Ginzberg, Brendan O'Neill

Presented at: London Ayn Rand Meetup ARC-UK

Date: May 06, 2020

Just a few short months ago, no cause was more prominent than the battle against the supposed catastrophic implications of manmade global warming. With an actual crisis causing actual harm to humans, the cause of climate alarmism is at a crossroads.

How will hardline environmentalists, who advocate significant changes to our way of life, reinvent themselves to keep their place as the most popular cause in a post-Covid world? Will their message be harmed by their target audience experiencing genuine, unprecedented hardship, or can they use this crisis to encourage us all to keep our carbon footprint as low as it has been during the lockdown?

Join Brendan O’Neill, Editor of Spiked, and Razi Ginzberg, Director of the Ayn Rand Centre UK, for a discussion on the future of the climate catastrophe movement.


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