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Who Is A Creator?

Mateusz Błaszczyk

Presented at: Virtual Seminars from ARI-Europe

Date: Apr 30, 2020

Calling someone a "creator" is considered a compliment. The term brings to mind images of great artists, scientists, or inventors. But who is really a creator? What connects an innovative painter, a discoverer of new law of physics, and an inventor of a breakthrough technology? Can we (and should we), live our day-to-day lives aspiring to become creators? 

In this week’s ARI Europe’s meetup, Mateusz Błaszczyk will deal with these questions. Mateusz is a student in the Objectivist Academic Center, an independent collaborator of in Poland, and co-creator of the YouTube series ‘Class of Atlas’ (Klasa Atlasa), discussing issues around the philosophy of Objectivism for a Polish audience.


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