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Impacting Minds, Advancing Objectivism

A 33 minute YouTube publication from Jan 01, 2022 by Aaron Smith, Sam Weaver

YouTube, 2022

Duration 33 mins

Notes none

Primary language: English


New Ideal is one part of the Ayn Rand Institute’s mission to spread awareness and understanding of the philosophy of Objectivism. But this mission involves many other programs as well. Join Aaron Smith and Sam Weaver as they discuss the impact of ARI’s educational programs—as expressed by those who participate in them.

Among the topics covered:

• The impact of ARI’s “Books for Teachers” program on students;
• How ARI’s essay contests help motivate students to engage deeply with Rand’s ideas;
• The impact of classroom visits by ARI intellectuals;
• How the Ayn Rand University fosters new Objectivist intellectuals.

00:00 Introduction
01:42 "Books for Teachers" program
07:51 Essay contests
12:50 Classroom visits
21:37 Ayn Rand University

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