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The New Religion of ‘Woke’

A 12 minute YouTube publication from Feb 01, 2022 by Elan Journo

YouTube, 2022

Duration 12 mins

Notes none

Primary language: English


“Woke” anti-racism is ascendant in our culture. But contrary to the claims of its advocates, it encourages, rather than combats, racism. And it actively harms, rather than helps, the people it claims to care about. So argues John McWhorter in Woke Racism: How a New Religion Has Betrayed Black America. In this New Ideal essay published November 3, 2021, Elan Journo discusses McWhorter’s trenchant book. “Woke” anti-racism, McWhorter argues convincingly, is animated not by a commitment to facts and evidence, but a zealot’s mentality. It is in fact a new religion. 

Narrated by Alex Wigger.

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