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Carl Svanberg

BA, Philosophy, 2009, Lund University
Active: 2013-2018

Carl Svanberg is a research associate at ARI, focusing on education policy. He mostly speaks and writes about the value of educational freedom. He has discussed the meaning of freedom in education at the Freedom Summit Chicago 2015, examined the moral dimension of the school choice debate with congressional staffers on Capitol Hill and commented on the role of charter schools in the battle for educational freedom with educators during NC Alliance for Public Charter Schools’ 2016 Charter School Conference. One of his long-term research projects concerns the inherently ideological nature of education and the pervasiveness of government in education.

Svanberg holds a bachelor’s degree in practical philosophy from Lund University, Sweden. He is a graduate of the Objectivist Academic Center. In 2013–14, he took part in ARI’s Junior Fellows Program.

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Apr 07, 2018
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