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ARARI 1995
June 09-11, 1995
by Unknown/Other

Doubletree Islander (now a Hyatt hotel) –– Newport RI

A weekend conference organized by the Ayn Rand Admirers of Rhode Island on private Goat Island in Newport, RI. Conference presentations were organized around the theme of communicating controversial ideas. From the conference flyer:

It is the intent of this conference to provide you with information on how to communicate the kind of controversial ideas held by many admirers of Ayn Rand's writings. The classes deal primarily with methods of communication rather than content. Afterwards, you should be better able to successfully present your uncompromised ideas to an honest yet unsympathetic listener.

You cannot communicate any ideas unless your listener or reader actually hears you. For this they must first want to hear you. You don't have to convince them in a single short presentation but they do have to understand you. You will learn what barriers get in the way of this understanding. An interesting, pleasant presentation of your ideas is more apt to be repeatedly sought out or printed.

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