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AynRandCon Brazil 2019
September 14-15, 2019
by The Ayn Rand Institute (ARI)

Sheraton Porto Alegre Hotel –– Porto Alegre Brazil

The Liberty Institute in partnership with the Ayn Rand Institute and Ayn Rand Center Latin America, with the support of the organizations Students for Liberty Brasil, IEE - Institute of Business Studies and the Atlantos Institute, promote the first Objectivist conference in Brazil. We will bring together key intellectuals working at the Ayn Rand Institute, as well as others especially invited to the event.

Increasingly the confrontation of ideas has been summed up to questions such as: as individuals are we an end in itself, are we free to flourish, acquiring the values ​​that will maintain our own life and allow us to achieve happiness as we understand it to be achieved? Or are we just a piece of great gear, serving only as a means to produce what governments or leaders want us to do in the name of a supposed common good?

AynRandCon Brazil 2019 will address the answers to these questions, supported by Objectivism, the philosophy that Ayn Rand created and developed through her novels and fiction (non-fiction) books. 

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