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AynRandCon–Global 2021
March 06, 2021
by Ayn Rand Institute Europe / Global


Steve Jobs spoke powerfully about “putting a dent in the universe”—his way of inspiring the rising generation of “movers and shakers,” the “crazy ones” who don’t accept the status quo, to move human progress forward. His words have inspired tech entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and countless others.

But what is the fundamental force determining human progress? Who in history sets the stage for creative and industrious minds to flourish? Ayn Rand offers a unique and profound answer.

In For the New Intellectual, Rand argues that the ideas of philosophers, championed by a culture’s intellectuals, set the agenda for a society, shaping events and ultimately the course of history. To change the world in a deep and enduring way, she argues, requires new philosophical ideas advanced by a new kind of cultural leader: the New Intellectual.

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Note: this virtual event replaces the physical event that was tentatively scheduled for Prague.

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