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Ayn Rand's "For the New Intellectual"

Yaron Brook, Onkar Ghate, Tal Tsfany

Presented at: AynRandCon–Global 2021

Date: Mar 06, 2021

In this keynote session, Ayn Rand Institute senior fellow and chief philosophy officer, Onkar Ghate, will discuss Ayn Rand’s essay “For the New Intellectual,” and Rand’s perspective on the crucial role that intellectuals play in shaping the culture. 

Yaron Brook, chair of ARI’s board of directors and host of The Yaron Brook Show, will follow with a discussion of how Rand’s perspective has guided ARI’s strategy over more than three decades. He’ll also discuss his personal career path as an internationally known speaker and YouTube host. 

ARI’s CEO, Tal Tsfany, will highlight the opportunities that ARI can offer to young people interested in an intellectual career. 

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