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Debate: Objectivists and Conservatives Near or Far?

Yaron Brook, Onkar Ghate, Gustavo Hasperué, Eduardo Marty, Gabriel Zanotti

Presented at: AynRandCon Latin America 2019

Date: Sep 07, 2019

What are the main philosophical differences between Objectivism, Libertarianism and Catholic Conservatism? Are there similarities? Which are?What is morality? Is there an objective morality? What does religion say about morality? Come and participate in this spicy talk-debate and bring all your questions.

Ayn Rand Center Latin America tiene el placer de invitarte a la première del debate llevado a cabo durante la AynRandCon 2019 entre Yaron Brook (Presidente del Board del Ayn Rand Institute) y Onkar Ghate (Senior Fellow del Ayn Rand institute) versus Gabriel Zanotti (Doctor en Filosofía por la Universidad Católica Argentina) y Gustavo Hasperué (Secretario Académico de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad Católica Argentina). 


Parts: 1

Handout: none


  • YouTube, 2021 (En) - 83 mins - Primarily in English with Spanish subtitles available