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AynRandCon Latin America 2019
September 06-07, 2019
by Ayn Rand Center Latin America

Sofitel Buenos Aires Recoleta –– Buenos Aires Argentina

Collectivism has taken over Latin America. Our political and moral leaders constantly urge us to sacrifice for the collective good. But what about our individual lives, our dreams and personal aspirations? A thinker who rejected socialism and collectivism from its roots was the American philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand.

In her best-selling novels, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, she challenged the doctrines of collectivism and introduced a new moral ideal: a radical new concept of individualism. In Rand's vision of human existence, we are not interchangeable members of a collective, but sovereign and independent individuals, whose true interests align. Each of us has the right to pursue his own goals, values ​​and happiness, free from the coercive interference of others and the state.

Join us for the first AynRandCon in Latin America and explore together with the main experts of Objectivism, the philosophy of individualism as an antidote to the growing collectivism of our era and our region.

For three inspiring days, you will have the opportunity to establish contacts with other students, intellectuals and professionals interested in deepening Rand's ideas and sharing the same desire to make Latin America the place that allows you to achieve the best version of yourself.

[from the conference web page from the Ayn Rand Center Latin America]

Supplemental Info

  • A schedule with presentations (in Spanish)
  • Una muestra de lo que nos dejó la conferencia "Individualismo vs. Colectivismo: en la Política y en tu Propia Vida” del pasado 6 y 7 de septiembre con lleno total en Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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