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Living with a Value-Orientation

Ash Ryan, Jan Walker

Presented at: SnowCon 2015

Date: Mar 17, 2015

Ayn Rand held that we should have what she termed a "value-orientation": the idea that achieving the good is of primary importance, while combating the bad is only derivatively worthwhile insofar as it is necessary for protecting one's positive values. Most Objectivists would probably agree with that on an abstract level, but do their concrete daily actions actually reflect their hierarchy of values in that regard? Or is our orientation tilted too heavily toward the negative side, which can make us tend to reactively focus on everything that's wrong in the world rather than to proactively focus on value creation and achievement? This presentation will explore how we can be valuers in the fullest sense by thoroughly understanding and living by Ayn Rand's idea of value orientation, which we will flesh out through a comparison to several similar views from a variety of fields and perspectives, from business to history to psychology and beyond.


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