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Making Poetry Part of Your Life

Lisa VanDamme

Presented at: OCON 2010

Date: Jul 02, 2010

Thanks to Ayn Rand, we understand the purpose of art and have experienced it profoundly in her novels. But beyond her novels, many don’t know where to turn for literary spiritual fuel. And few turn to one of its richest sources: poetry. Because of the failure of American education, many regard poetry as remote, erudite and inaccessible.

The goal of this course is to help people make poetry part of their lives. To demonstrate its power to give eloquent voice to their every mood, experience and conviction. To show that the world of poetry is a lavish treasure house of artistic inspiration.

The focus is not on the history, the forms or the internal structure of poetry—but rather on why poetry has the power to enhance your life, and how to harness that power.


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