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Portrait of Greatness: Arturo Toscanini, Conductor

Yaron Brook

Presented at: 21CC 1995

Date: May 26, 1995

(from conference program):

"The story of Arturo Toscanini is that of an uncompromising individual. Toscanini is a perfect example of a man who chose as his goal and career in life something that he truly loved--and who pursued his goal without deviation throughout his entire life. This is a true story of a life of achievement, of a hero and a victor. A life that is a unique lesson and demonstration of the ability of justice and rationality to be victorious..."

This moving presentation, produced by VALUES, is the first of a series of programs designed to express objective individual achievement; describing and illustrating with the use of relevant facts how great achievements are accomplished. The viewer will experience first hand the struggles of a great man in the real world, and his inevitable victory. The presentations shows [sic] heroism illustrated by facts; for example, it shows that men like Howard Roark and John Galt existed, exist, and will exist, and that without individuals like them none of humanity's achievements enjoyed today would exist.

This narrated program, written by Ohad Kamin and Yaron Brook, is beautifully accompanied and illustrated by recordings of music conducted by, and slides of, the conductor Toscanini.



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