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21CC 1995
May 26-29, 1995
by Lyceum International

Royal National Hotel –– London United Kingdom

Presented by 21st Century Objectivist Conferences

Welcome message from program:

Dear Attendee,

It is with great pleasure that we bring 21st Century Objectivist Conferences to London. We are looking forward to meeting many of you for the first time, as well as renewing old acquaintances. It has been exciting planning this conference, and we would like to thank the many individuals who have helped us in various ways--from Godfrey Joseph, who selected the conference facility, to Jerry Nilson, John McNulty, Dwyane Hicks and all the others who assisted in "spreading the word." We would also like to thank the scholarship students for their assistance during the conference.

We are already anticipating our 1997 conference, which we are tentatively planning to hold in Brussels. We will be announcing the finalized date and location as soon as possible, and London '95 attendees will be among the first to be notified. Any input regarding location, format, or dates would be appreciated...let us know!

We hope you find this conference to be not only educational and enlightening, but a weekend of spiritual refueling as well. And, again, thank you for helping to make London '95 truly

"A Conference Not To Be Missed!"

--Pamela Benson & Yaron Brook

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