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The Philosophic Foundations of Objectivism

Leonard Peikoff

Presented at: CC 1990

Date: Jun 30, 1990

The feature event at "The Power of Objectivity" will be twenty hours of seminars with Dr. Leonard Peikoff on "The Philosophic Foundations of Objectivism"––ten seminars of two hours each.  These seminars will be based on the typewritten manuscript of the first five chapters (about 300 pages) of his forthcoming book, Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand (OPAR, which will not appear in print until 1991).

Presenting the complete metaphysics and epistemology of Objectivism, the titles of these chapters are:
  1. Reality
  2. Sense Perception and Volition
  3. Concept Formation
  4. Objectivity
  5. Reason
Each conferee, at no extra cost, will receive an advance copy of these chapter for his own personal use, to read and mark-up as he chooses, weeks in advance of the conference. Dr. Peikoff has given special permission for this high unusual distribution of a copyrighted manuscript prior to publication, and conferees are not permitted to share their copy with non-conferees.

At the conference, Dr. Peikoff will introduce each chapter by identifying the chapter's most important aspect. This will be followed by an extended session of questions and answers, in which students will be able to discuss any aspect of wording of the chapter that interests them. Approximately two seminars (four hours) will be allotted to each chapter.

Dr. Peikoff's goal is to enable those present to achieve a deeper level of philosophic understanding than would otherwise be possible. His analysis will spotlight new aspects of Objectivism previously unexpressed, essential formulations and the reason for their precise wording, new contrasts between Objectivism and traditional views, and new integrations among various elements within Objectivism, including a detailed account of its hierarchical structure.

We are proud to be the sponsor of this great intellectual event. When the book is published, Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand will be the definitive statement of the philosophy of Objectivism, and its first five chapters are the foundation of that statement. The conferees of "The Power of Objectivity" will receive 20 hours of in-depth analysis of these crucial chapters, in face-to-face exchange with the author, months in advance of the book's publication. This will be Dr. Peikoff's first and only appearance before an Objectivist audience anywhere before the Fall of 1990. 

These seminars are a unique not-to-be-missed opportunity in the ongoing, precedent-shattering history Objectivism. 


Parts: 10



  • Campus, 2018 (En) - 1527 mins - Course contains material from 1990 and 1991 lectures
  • YouTube, 2020 (En) - 109 mins - Part 1 - Axioms, Causality and the Primacy of Existence
  • YouTube, 2020 (En) - 111 mins - Part 2 - The Primacy of Existence and the Metaphysically Given
  • YouTube, 2020 (En) - 114 mins - Part 3 - Sense Perception and the Identity of Consciousness
  • YouTube, 2020 (En) - 115 mins - Part 4 - Volition and Causality
  • YouTube, 2020 (En) - 113 mins - Part 5 - Concept Formation as a Mathematical Process
  • YouTube, 2020 (En) - 112 mins - Part 6 - Conceptual Hierarchy and the Function of Definitions
  • YouTube, 2020 (En) - 114 mins - Part 7 - Objectivity: Volitional Adherence to Reality by the Method of Logic
  • YouTube, 2020 (En) - 111 mins - Part 8 - Objectivity: Context and Hierarchy in Knowledge and Proof
  • YouTube, 2020 (En) - 108 mins - Part 9 - Reason, Emotions and Certainty