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What about Sweden?

Carl Svanberg

Presented at: OCON 2013

Date: Jul 05, 2013

As proponents of laissez-faire capitalism, we routinely encounter the question: “What about Sweden?”

Sweden is perceived by many as the ideal welfare state, in which everything “just works.” Consequently, it has served as a source of inspiration for the Left. For the same reason, it has left many defenders of capitalism perplexed or demoralized. Why? Because the case of Sweden allegedly “proves,” among other things, that we can enjoy a high standard of living while penalizing the most productive with progressive taxes.

This course dispels the myths about Sweden by exploring the economic history of Sweden from the 1800s onward. This course thereby provides you with the intellectual ammunition necessary to refute the notion that Sweden could, somehow, “get away” with the welfare state.

The less you know about Sweden, the more you will benefit from the course, regardless of your expertise in Objectivism.


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